Q-Workshop – Set di 7 Dadi Dragons Quartz Q-Workshop


Q-Workshop – Set di 7 Dadi Dragons Quartz Q-Workshop

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Dimensioni: 7,60×10,60×2,30
Packaging: Blister

Set di 7 Dadi per GDR.

– The majesty of dragons — Engravings depict the fan-favorite design of winged dragons circling digits.
– The might of dragons — The digits are kept in a stylized, old manuscript-like font.
– The colors of dragons — The dice material is misty, and the engravings’ color is copper.
– The legends of dragons — This set consists of seven polyhedrons: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and a D00 (percentile).

The ancestral crystal. Witness one of our beloved designs in a new color theme. The powerful dragons entwine the digits, making dice mesmerizing in their dangerous beauty. Copper paintings on a misty background are like quartz stones guarded in dragon hoards; this is a tribute to these majestic creatures, wiser and more powerful than you imagine.

The difference between the East and the West is also a dispute over what dragons are. In the Far East, they are believed to be wise and good beings who help people. In the West, dragons are dangerous monsters that spread terror, eat people and burn their belongings. Nonetheless, the world is wholesome, and divisions are not needed in many domains – that’s why we designed our dice with the universal image of dragons in mind. Thanks to this, these polyhedrons are dedicated to all kinds of draconic beings, regardless of their affiliation to the elements, respect for the idea of good and evil, or individual characteristics.

It is known everywhere around the globe that dragons are not easy to define and categorize – each wyrm is unique, even though some traits may be common among their kind. So it’s often hard to unequivocally say that a certain dragon is good or bad or what is its strongest and weakest point. There is no doubt that they all inherent powerful magic, even if they are not always adept at using it. Wherever dragons appear, life flourishes in full force thanks to their innate magic – and it is only on the whim of these amazing creatures that it will always be this way.

Our dice sets are dedicated to dragons, so it’s essential they must inspire respect and adoration in everyone who looks at them. We used all our knowledge, all our skills, and all the latest technological wonders to create an exquisite design. A design that would truly be the appropriate tribute to these extraordinary creatures. We are proud of our work, and the fact that we have not been treated with a dragon’s breath suggests that they are also content.

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