Magic – Ascesa Oscura – Dark Ascension Intro Pack Morti Implacabili – Relentless Dead – ITA Hasbro


Magic – Ascesa Oscura – Dark Ascension Intro Pack Morti Implacabili – Relentless Dead – ITA Hasbro

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Dimensioni: 15,5×9,7×3,8
Età consigliata: 13+
Packaging: Window Box
Durata: 50 min
N. giocatori: 2+
– 1 mazzo di 60 carte pronto per essere usato,
– 1 carta rara foil,
– 1 booster,
– 1 inserto strategico,
– 1 guida introduttiva a Magic.


Embrace your inner necromancer with the “Relentless Dead” deck. Whether you prefer raising zombies out of fresh graves or stitching them together in your dank, dark lab, your mindless minions will soon conquer all who oppose you!

Start building your Zombie army right away by casting small creatures like Diregraf Ghoul and Walking Corpse. As the game progresses, your army will continue to grow. Spells with flashback like Reap the Seagraf and Moan of the Unhallowed give you multiple opportunities to create Zombie tokens. Don’t be afraid to attack—even a dead Zombie has its uses. That’s why cards such as Screeching Skaab, Forbidden Alchemy, and Cellar Door help you pile cards into your graveyard.

Having bodies in your graveyard means you can cast Corpse Lunge or return a Zombie to your hand with Ghoulraiser. More importantly, you’ll be able to create some of your bigger Zombies, Makeshift Mauler and Skaab Goliath, that “recycle” the parts from dead creatures. Best of all, Havengul Runebinder can turn rotting, graveyard-entrenched creatures into fresh new (still rotting) Zombies and make your entire horde bigger! Whether you press the attack with hulking monstrosities or overwhelm your opponent with numbers, inevitability is on your side.

When it’s time to customize the deck, there’s no shortage of additional Zombie cards to choose from. The Magic 2012 set offers Cemetery Reaper and Grave Titan, both of which can make obscene amounts of Zombie tokens. The Innistrad set contains Rooftop Storm, which reduces the mana cost of your Zombies to . And the Dark Ascension set has the jawdropping Zombie Apocalypse, which destroys all Humans and resurrects all your Zombies.

Relentless Dead
Dark Ascension Intro Pack

Main Deck
60 cards

2 Evolving Wilds
10 Island
12 Swamp
24 lands

2 Abattoir Ghoul
2 Black Cat
2 Diregraf Captain
2 Diregraf Ghoul
2 Farbog Boneflinger
1 Ghoulraiser
1 Havengul Runebinder
1 Headless Skaab
1 Makeshift Mauler
1 Rotting Fensnake
3 Screeching Skaab
1 Skaab Goliath
1 Stitched Drake
2 Walking Corpse
2 Zombie Goliath
24 creatures

1 Cellar Door
1 Corpse Lunge
2 Dead Weight
1 Endless Ranks of the Dead
2 Forbidden Alchemy
1 Moan of the Unhallowed
1 Negate
2 Reap the Seagraf
1 Zombie Infestation
12 other spells

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