Magic – Ascesa Oscura – Dark Ascension Intro Pack Sorpresa Mostruosa – Monstrous Surprise – ITA Hasbro


Magic – Ascesa Oscura – Dark Ascension Intro Pack Sorpresa Mostruosa – Monstrous Surprise – ITA Hasbro

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Dimensioni: 15,5×9,7×3,8
Età consigliata: 13+
Packaging: Window Box
Durata: 50 min
N. giocatori: 2+
– 1 mazzo di 60 carte pronto per essere usato,
– 1 carta rara foil,
– 1 booster,
– 1 inserto strategico,
– 1 guida introduttiva a Magic.


The scariest thing a monster can do is not stay dead. That’s exactly how the creatures in the “Monstrous Surprise” deck behave. When any creature with the undying ability dies, if it didn’t have a +1/+1 counter on it, it returns from the graveyard to the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it. If it dies now, it’ll stay down . . . but how many extra lives can your opponent afford to deal with?

Start out the game by developing your mana base with Rampant Growth and casting small creatures like Young Wolf and Strangleroot Geist. Eventually you can make your creatures more formidable in combat with Greatsword or Wild Hunger. Use Fling, Prey Upon, and Skirsdag Cultist’s ability to take down your opponent’s creatures (or your opponent!). Overrun and Pyreheart Wolf let you make a final push on the battlefield to win the game.

Meanwhile, every time one of your creatures dies (whether it comes back from the dead or not), Lumberknot gets bigger, Gutter Grime creates increasingly large Ooze tokens, and Rage Thrower deals 2 damage to your opponent. And every time one of your creatures comes back from the dead, Flayer of the Hatebound lets it deal damage to any creature or player you like.

Some fun cards you might enjoy adding to the deck include Vorapede, a beefy green creature with vigilance, trample, and undying, and Feed the Pack, which lets you sacrifice creatures to create a number of Wolf tokens equal to that creature’s toughness. It’s especially good when you get to sacrifice your undying creatures twice!

Monstrous Surprise
Dark Ascension Intro Pack

Main Deck
60 cards

13 Forest
11 Mountain
24 lands

1 Flayer of the Hatebound
2 Goblin Arsonist
1 Lumberknot
3 Nearheath Stalker
2 Orchard Spirit
1 Pitchburn Devils
2 Pyreheart Wolf
1 Rage Thrower
2 Russet Wolves
2 Skirsdag Cultist
2 Strangleroot Geist
3 Young Wolf
22 creatures

2 Fling
1 Greatsword
1 Gutter Grime
1 Naturalize
1 Overrun
2 Prey Upon
2 Rampant Growth
2 Rolling Temblor
2 Wild Hunger
14 other spells

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