Magic – Ritorno di Avacyn – Avacyn Restored Intro Pack Immondi Solitari – Solitary Fiends – ITA Hasbro


Magic – Ritorno di Avacyn – Avacyn Restored Intro Pack Immondi Solitari – Solitary Fiends – ITA Hasbro

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Dimensioni: 15,5×9,7×3,8
Età consigliata: 13+
Packaging: Window Box
Durata: 50 min
N. giocatori: 2+
– 1 mazzo di 60 carte pronto per essere usato,
– 1 carta rara foil,
– 1 booster,
– 1 inserto strategico,
– 1 guida introduttiva a Magic.

blu e nero

With the “Solitary Fiends” deck, your nefarious scheme is to have exactly one creature on the battlefield. Your most powerful threats thrive if you meet this condition. For example, Demonic Rising supplies you with a 5/5 flying Demon, and Lone Revenant provides you with extra cards. Other creatures such as Fettergeist and Havengul Skaab are at their best when by themselves, and provide an easy way to ditch your other creatures.

Enchantments like Homicidal Seclusion (which gives a solitary creature +3/+1 and lifelink) or Predator’s Gambit (which gives a solitary creature +2/+1 and intimidate) can make any creature terrifying enough to rip your opponent apart. And once you have a creature with immense power, take advantage of it with Triumph of Cruelty and Essence Harvest!

Playing with just one creature can be risky since you leave yourself open to counterattacks, but the deck has a number of ways to fend off your opponent. Frost Breath and Crippling Chill lock down opposing creatures. Into the Void and Peel from Reality return creatures to their owners’ hands. (This is also helpful for getting you down to a single creature!) Alchemist’s Apprentice and Crypt Creeper are especially useful minions—not only can they block potentially painful attacks, but they can sacrifice themselves at a moment’s notice when you’d benefit by having just a single creature.

If you’re interested in customizing this deck, try adding Descend into Madness, an enchantment that will devastate your opponent’s side of the board while supporting your solitary strategy. Another strong choice is Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, a Planeswalker who can distract your opponent’s creatures and refill your hand with cards.

Main Deck
60 cards

11 Island
13 Swamp
24 lands

3 Alchemist’s Apprentice
1 Corpse Traders
1 Crypt Creeper
2 Fettergeist
1 Havengul Skaab
1 Lone Revenant
2 Marrow Bats
2 Mist Raven
2 Renegade Demon
2 Undead Executioner
17 creatures

2 Crippling Chill
1 Demonic Rising
2 Doom Blade
2 Essence Harvest
2 Frost Breath
1 Homicidal Seclusion
2 Into the Void
2 Peel from Reality
1 Predator’s Gambit
1 Swiftfoot Boots
2 Tormentor’s Trident
1 Triumph of Cruelty
19 other spells

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